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Trusted Site Selection & Location Strategy Solutions

At NCS INTERNATIONAL, our focus is making your organization grow. We implement a location strategy to offer you the best site selection solution for your business. This includes a thorough labor market analysis to ensure the right people are available to fill your jobs. We work directly with your management team and walk you through the entire process. Our site selection services include:

• Developing the Transition Plan
• Developing Your Budget
• Conducting Labor Analysis
• Analyzing Locations
• Analyzing Real Estate
• Identifying Incentives
• Arranging Site Visits
• Conducting Wage Analysis
• Working Under Your Direction

A History of Success

Throughout our three-decade history, our team has conducted site selection searches for some of the world's largest firms, including DHL Worldwide Express, Lockheed, ADT, AT&T, Verizon, Savers, and Metropolitan Life Insurance. Our impressive track record has allowed countless companies to expand customer service, mission critical solutions, back offices, call centers, and regional headquarter facilities. We also provide location services for companies in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, logistics, and food processing.

Location Strategy

Location strategy begins with a feasibility study of your planned expansion. Our team will identify startup costs, personnel costs, CAPEX, and other associated costs you should know about. Once complete, the document will outline your corporate strategy to mitigate these factors.

Labor Market Analysis

As a part of your plan, we'll provide you with job and wage data for each market you are considering. Each will be ranked according to your parameters for a Labor Market Index. This index will profile the associated costs and benefits of each potential area.

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Incentive Negotiation

Based on the number of jobs created, wages, and your local investment, your company could qualify for certain local and state incentives and tax savings. We'll detail each incentive that helps mitigate the cost of your expansion. Our outline will help guide you through each step of the process.